Why must you rely on natural nail polish?

Nail polishes seem fun and pretty to nearly every woman out there but many cosmetic brands do shell out huge sums of money by undertaking undesired and inhumane testing on animals. However, the lucky thing is you will find countless cruelty-free brands of nail polishes that appear 100 percent vegan. Some people think that as nail polish is applied to the nails, the components do not matter much. However, this is not true. As your nails are pretty porous, the baddies do cause problems slowly.

The importance of non-toxic nail polishes

When the matter zeroes on cosmetics, then most people find it tough to interpret the term “non-toxic”. If it is nail polish, then the most commonly used term is five-free. This refers to nail polishes that don’t comprise five particular components, like toluene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, dibutyl phthalate, and camphor. And so, with time, countless women have been using only natural nail polishes. You will come across brands that endorse themselves as being devoid of many substances, like 7-free or 10-free too.

The National Cancer Institute recognized formaldehyde in the form of a preservative that has a probable cancer-causing element. This is also considered one of the substances that are capable of causing allergic contact dermatitis. Dibutyl phthalate, toluene, and formaldehyde resin too can give rise to allergic contact dermatitis. Though camphor is utilized in the form of a topical remedy for different conditions, if you consume it by mouth, then it can turn toxic.

According to studies, it has been discovered that chemicals that remain present in a nail polish get absorbed into the users’ bodies. Nonetheless, the precise amount of absorption isn’t established well.

The prevalence of natural cosmetic products

Natural make-up products are a huge rage because of their authentic and organic nature. And so, a natural nail polish does not remain behind. A natural nail polish is created from organic elements and they do not cause any damage to the nails of the users. Again, these nail polishes do not even comprise chemicals, such as DBP, toluene, and acetone that give rise to wheezing, skin irritation, nausea, watery eyes, etc. A natural nail polish also nourishes the wearer’s nails with important oil that comprises Vitamin E. Vitamin E is helpful in moisturizing brittle and dry nails and it also provides your nails a natural healthy look.

As a natural nail polish is an ayurvedic cosmetic, it does not make compromises with the color. Again, these nail polishes always provide a lively shade that remains for a long period without chipping similar to the customary nail polishes.

Features of a natural nail polish

Natural is meant an actual state. And so, the ingredients that remain present in natural nail polishes remain unchanged from their vital forms. Again, nothing gets included in these nail polishes. These nail polishes tend to be safe and non-toxic too. In the absence of toxins and chemicals, they emerge as harmless. Hence, it seems a wise decision for women to buy these nail polishes.