Current Exhibition

In the Museum: 
ARTSTICKS 2 – Surfboards as ART Exhibition December 2006 to May 2007 “ENTER NOW” 

For its summer 05-06 exhibition Surfworld is inviting artists to enter the Artsticks 2 exhibition “Surfboards as Art”. We had a terrific response to Artsticks when we first did it in 1996, so, after 10 years we felt it was time to revisit the fun and excitment of Artsticks.

A number of original Artsticks boards have been on permanent display at Surfworld, flights of fancy and adventures of the imagination.  Gordon Stammers storyboards, the first of which appeared as an entry in the first Artsticks exhibition, remains one of the most popular elements of the Surfworld experience. These boards feature a message from a teenage son to his father about running off in search of adventure and great surf. This message is laid out on the deck of each board, with the fathers often wise and witty response on the bottom. A number of other storyboards were commissioned from Gordon and it is anticipated that these boards will form the core of a touring exhibition in the not too distant future.

So if you are inspired by the ocean, and love surfing aesthetics or have a crazy idea for a surfboard, crank up your creative juices and get your entry organised for Artsticks 2. Work can be in any 3D medium using a surfboard as a theme. Grab an old surfboard and paint it, craft a new one out of some interesting materials. Surfboards as furniture, surfboards as social commentary, surfboards as sculpture, surfboards as art!

Artsticks 2 is open to anyone to enter, with the theme being “surfboards as art”. All work should be submitted (send us photo’s of your work) by the closing date of 30/09/06 with the best works being selected for the Artsticks 2 exhibition that will be run at Surfworld from December 06 through till May 07.

For information or enquires  regarding Artsticks 2, or to obtain a registration form please email Craig Baird at

In the Ocean Gallery:
“Oceans And Deserts”
August 2006 to September 2006

Surfworld Ocean Gallery has just launched a new photographic exhibition titled “Oceans And Deserts”. The exhibition features the work of local photographers, Jamie McInnes and Ian Lygo. In a beautiful display of colour and texture the pair have captured distinct moments in time when nature is at its most inspiring.

Ian’s photographic work reflects his love for surfing and the environment and includes many local landmarks with numerous shots of the iconic Bells Beach and it’s neighbour Winkipop.

Jamie’s inspiration is drawn from his new found freedom after a life-saving kidney transplant in 2001. Often shooting with a long exposure in pre-dawn and post-sunset low light, Jamie’s photographs depict rich colours of landscapes and water scenes.

“Oceans And Deserts” is the first exhibition for both photographers and will run from August to September.