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The Surfworld Story

The Surfworld Museum is recognised as the largest Surfing – Beach Culture museum in the world and houses the Australian Surfing Hall Of Fame as part of its comprehensive surfing displays. First opened in December 1993 Surfworld was recognised in 1994 as one of “The most significant centres of world surfing heritage” by the International Surfing Association. In 2005 Surfworld continues to provide surfers and the general public with a spectacular insight into the surfing life and the rich cultural heritage of Australian surfers.

Situated off Beach Road behind Quiksilver’s retail store, in Torquay’s Surf City Complex, Surfworld offers visitors a chance to immerse themselves in the surfing experience and be surrounded by over 500 surfing/beach culture related items, including the following major collections and memorabilia:

  • The Australian Surfing Hall Of Fame.
  • Surfboards from 1919 to the present with over 130 surfboards on display.
  • Swimming costumes, wetsuits, photographs, posters 1900 to 2003.
  • Jack Eden Surfabout Revisited Photographic Collection.
  • Big Bells and Other Boomers – The Barry Sutherland Victorian West Coast Surfing Series
  • Photographic Collection.
  • Gordon Stammers Story Boards.

The Surfworld Museum is divided into five main areas. The Wave Room deals with what waves are, interactive videos show how waves are formed ,where they break and why. You can get up close to wave action by checking out the wave tank as it generates swell that breaks on an artificial beach, or you can take up the challenge of surfing a ball from one end to the other of the Mechanical Wave.

The Boardroom features a boardwalk that traverses the length of a breaking wave tracing the history of surfboards in Australia from early solid redwood boards shaped by Duke Kahanamoku through to experimental futureboards by Greg Webber and beyond. There are also interactive videos tracing surfboard development and interactive displays, the balance board, paddle board and a weight comparison between an old Malibu and a modern shortboard.

The Surfworld theatre shows historic surfing footage non stop, and features images from film classics like Greg Noll’s legendary Search for Surf movies to the exploits of the latest batch of big wave hunters. While sitting in the 80 seat surround sound theatre, you will be encircled by a range of epic surfboards and surf movie posters.

The Australian Surfing Hall Of Fame details the achievements and celebrates the lives of many famous Australian surfers, by having a board typical of the type they rode with a biography of each surfer featured on the board. There are also interactive videos so you can check out highlights of some of the famous surfers careers. There is also an interactive video on how surfboards are made and a live shaping bay so you can watch a shaper in action.

The Beach Culture Area deals with the many and varied elements that go into making up “Surf Culture” art, music, clothing and insights into the surfing life, featuring a walk through Kombi Van featuring all sorts of bits and pieces from a life spent chasing the waves .

The Surfworld Ocean Art Gallery provides an opportunity for local artists to exhibit works which reflect their take on Surfcoast life, the beach and surfing, from fantastic photography to fine art, local grommets works to portraits and sculptures of surfing legends, the Ocean Art Gallery has seen it all .

Surfworld Museum is situated in Beach Road Torquay and is open every day, except Christmas day, 9am – 5pm.

Admission is as follows:

Adults $8.50
Concession $6.00
Child $6.00
Familiy $19.00

We also offer a discounted entry of $4.70 per student for school groups who visit the museum. Bookings are required in advance.

Ph (03) 52614606 or email Surfworld at surfworld@surfcoast.vic.gov.au