Photography For Real Estate

Using photography for real estate sales is an important component of marketing, advertising, and selling homes. Getting clients to come out and visit a property you are selling will be much easier if the photos of your property are bright, clear, attractive, and informative. Professional photography and beautiful photos of real estate will also act as a form of marketing and advertising for your real estate agency or business, as this creates content that contributes to your reputation and quality.


What kind of photos should I take?

The most important photos any realtor should insure are included with their photography for real estate will be of the exterior of the home, shared living space, the kitchen of a home, the master bedroom, and at least one bathroom.


Home buyers will wish to see any standout features of the home as well, should there be a pool, an ocean view, a well curated outdoor patio or entertaining space, will all be photos that will contribute to a positive and attractive image that will bring in buyers. All photos should be clear, bright, and fully encompass the spaces being presented in photos. Avoid taking pictures of cramped and awkward spaces, while making sure to capture the full potential of feature spaces.


Should I hire a professional photographer?

Taking photos of a property or building for real estate may seem like a pretty simple task and procedure, but hiring a professional photographer has many benefits. While there may be some expense to hiring a professional photographer, doing so will save you time in that a real estate agent will not need to go and take photos themselves.


Professional photographers are also capable of capturing subjects at their best angles and with the best lighting. Hiring a professional photographer also usually entitles their editing services to make sure that the photos of your real estate properties are crisp and appealing to buyers. High quality photos can be used in your marketing and advertising for years to come, building your brand and reputation.


Where should I post my real estate photos?

High quality real estate photos can be posted to your local real estate association’s website, your social media pages such as Facebook or Instagram, and even in paper adverts or billboards.



The most important aspect of advertising is visibility, and creating a space where your product and services is seen is a huge aspect. Insuring you are not only visible, but also what is visible from your company or agency is high quality, will be paramount to increasing real estate sales.