How to DIY your bathroom for renovation

The bathroom is the most common area of the home. Amicably, they tend to be the most common areas that need to be renovated. The bathroom composes of the sink, shower, toilet and tub. Thus, the ideal DIY opportunity to tackle the renovation for yourself.

7 Tips on how to DIY your bathroom renovation

1. First, take off fixtures

Ensure that all fixtures are out if you need to replace them with new ones. Besides, this will create more space for repair, cleaning, and setting the latest fixtures in place. Start by draining the toilet to avoid controversy with the plumbing system.

Take out the bath tiles, then remove the bathtub. Most importantly, take out the mirrors, floor tiles, wall tiles, and cabinets. Moreover, this applies if you replace new tiles in the bathroom.

2. Put in place the new bathroom fixtures.

Please get rid of the old plumbing fixtures and replace them with new ones. Items like shower, sink and bathtub are essential. Always make them look amazing. Check the wiring system and modify it according to your new fixtures. You can contact an electrician to fix the sockets for safety precautions.

3. Floor tiles

You can choose shiny tiles for that classic look for your bathroom. Always use a checking line to fix the tiles to look straight. You don’t want to have uneven floor tiles as you DIY your bathroom renovation.

4. Paint wall and use fix wallpaper

Ensure you paint your bathroom walls according to your desired wall colour paint. Choose a colour that doesn’t absorb moisture to the finishing. Most importantly, this facilitates shutting out mildew and mould, which may grow in the bathroom.

5. Fix new cabinets and vanities

Once you are done with the painting and finishing, put new vanities and cabinets in place. There are two options for you to consider. You can either custom or store-bought. For custom vanity, execute the contractor team to design for you. On the other hand, store-bought involves buying from the store, saving time.

Install sink and faucet and then proceed to the mirror and the cabinets. Typically, you can DIY a curtain and a rod for that aesthetic look.

6. Re-establish the plumbing system

Ensure you put back the plumbing components. Moreover, ensure you can now re-install the toilet to the bathroom. Let this be the last step to avoid water leakage and any other plumbing problem that may occur in the future.

7. Have the final touches for your DIY bathroom renovation

You can let the shower look more spacious on the glass door. Invent metal grinds and framing on the entrance to add more warmth to the finishing. Add attractive looks by hanging pictures and plants on the bathroom windows. Besides, this will make your bathroom look new even after renovation.

Key Takeaway Tip

If you are working on how you need to DIY your bathroom renovation, always consider this guide. You can opt to replace your bathroom fixtures with new ones. Furthermore, it will make it easier to make your bathroom have an aesthetic look anyway!