Foreseeing Through Fibersense

Rear-end collisions, low speed accidents, cross traffic accidents and single vehicle crashes. These are just some examples of car accidents. Streets are too scary for children, senior citizens, disabled people, and in fact everyone to cross because we never know when a car can lose its brake.


Australia has had over 190,000 casualties since 1925 because of car accidents. Thousands of families lost their loved ones because of such accidents that could have been prevented, if only Fibersense Australia was made earlier.

What is Fibersense?

Artificial Intelligence is becoming monolithic, it enables technical systems whenever and wherever to sense, perceive, and now it can even foresee the environment. That is fibersense. It includes vibration detection and ranging technology which changes the way we sense our environment and can somehow foresee the vehicles in public places.

Australia has one of the huge cases of car accidents that is why Fibersense Australia is made.

How does Fibersense work?

Now, things said earlier may be hard to digest. Here’s a clearer explanation. Fibersense indeed has vibration detection and ranging technology which is the new era of sensor capabilities. If you are familiar with RADAR (Radio Detection and Ranging) and LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging), we can say that LIDAR is the grandfather, his son is RADAR – VIDAR’s father.

Family terminology is easier to understand right? That being said, once VIDAR technology is implemented, Fibersense Australia converts vibrations into a detection and even recognition of events and objects in wide areas. Fibersense to be precise, is what the vibration detection and ranging technology (VIDAR) uses as a sensory system to track and and analyze any incoming vibrations.

How does it prevent car accidents?

Fibersense Australia demonstrates an immense range of protection, certainty, and efficiency towards a lineup of buildings and even people who share public space especially in cities.

You can say that it is close enough to foreseeing because you will be able to sense incoming objects near you before it happens. Interestingly enough, Fibersense Australia shares an extraordinary experience for people to prevent car accidents. We can finally say “Car accidents, who?”

Why Fibersense Australia?

Fibersense Australia’s vibration detection and ranging technology is now more advanced than ever. It is proving itself to be more advantageous over the privacy concerns which exist in a multitude deployments of cameras.

If you’re familiar with Google index which was used in the internet’s baby form, you will see similarities between the two. It has a huge difference though, the fact Fibersense Australia unveils upgraded systems which will be bigger than 5G.

Importance of fibersense technology

Fibersense Australia has proven to have saved lives through protection of underground utility assets from impacts caused by accidents. Furthermore, it has saved lots of maintenance cost and losts which is one of the main reasons why many building and utility owners are choosing to install fibersense.

Fibersense Australia does not only save lives, or assets but also money. It is very low maintenance and useful at the same time. Because of it, people have never been this aware before they see it happen.

Fibersense do Foresee

Imagine, through Fibersense Australia, we’ll be able to save casualties from car accidents. It is something that we should be grateful for. Just like how a service grantee once said “It’s like turning on a super sense. You can see a car coming around a blind corner and then there it is in front of you a few seconds later. It’s extraordinary to experience for the first time.”

Behold, fibersense foreseeing ability is becoming a must!