Featherston Numero Home Decor: Elevating Your Interior Design Game 

Featherston Numero is a vintage furniture company, founded by Grant and Mary Featherston in 1965 in Australia. They’re renowned for their iconic designs blending comfort with aesthetic appeal, especially their nature-inspired Numero IV lounge chair launched in the same year. Our unique offering caters to niche markets by providing customized solutions that address specific client needs. This includes personalized customer service and advanced technical expertise. We value innovation, prioritizing quality products that deliver effective, targeted results to maximize customer satisfaction.

Types of Featherston Numero Home Decor


Featherston Numero Home Decor offers various types, including stylish wall art, sumptuous soft furnishings, ornamental sculptures, and delicate ceramics. Each piece is thoughtfully designed, reflecting Featherston’s dedication to superior architectural aesthetics and high-quality craftsmanship.


Vintage-inspired decor encapsulates the charm and elegance of past eras. It combines the colours, textures, and materials utilized in the past, presenting a unique, timeless aesthetic.  Featherston numero embodies nostalgia and transforms any living space into a cosy and warm environment.


Contemporary decor encompasses a sleek and sophisticated aesthetic. Characterized by neutrals, clean lines and minimalistic design, it exudes elegance and simplicity. This style of decor often utilizes eco-friendly materials, reflecting a modern concern for the environment.


Mid-century modern-styled items are characterized by sleek, clean lines and organic shapes. They represent a design movement from the mid-20th century, incorporating materials like wood, metal and glass. Noteworthy for their simplicity and functionality, they still maintain a timeless aesthetic today.


Scandinavian-influenced decor showcases minimalism and functionality. It draws on natural elements like stone, wood and light, with muted colours for a clean, calm vibe. Furnishings are simple yet stylish, offering comfort with a modern and serene touch.


Range of Furnishings by Featherston Numero


Living room furniture encompasses a range of items designed to offer comfort and style in a home’s communal space. It typically includes sofas, coffee tables, side tables, armchairs, and entertainment units. It sets the tone for the home’s overall interior design aesthetic.

Bedroom furniture consists of essential items such as beds, dressers, nightstands, and more. It provides comfort, functionality, and style to your personal space. The design and arrangement of bedroom furniture significantly contribute to the room’s overall ambience and aesthetic appeal.


Outdoor furniture adds functionality and beauty to any open-air space. It includes tables, chairs, sofas, and more, designed to withstand weather elements. Quality materials are used to ensure durability. It’s perfect for seating, dining, and relaxing, therefore enhancing overall outdoor enjoyment.


A lighting fixture is an essential element in any space, providing both functionality and aesthetics. It illuminates a room, enhancing visibility, while also contributing to the overall design and ambience. From sleek pendants to elaborate chandeliers, lighting fixtures add style and warmth.


Rugs and carpets offer comfort and warmth to a home by adding texture and colour to the décor. They improve acoustics and provide insulation, creating a cosy atmosphere. Their durability and style options make them a popular choice for interior design enthusiasts.


Focus on Quality and Craftsmanship


The use of premium materials in production guarantees quality output, enhancing durability, appearance, and performance. These materials, while may have higher initial costs, ensure longevity and reduce the frequency of repair or replacement, leading to long-term cost-effectiveness.


Acknowledgement of handcrafted detail in pieces is crucial in appreciating the depth of craftsmanship. Each detail reflects the artisan’s skills, dedication, and creativity. Such recognition helps sustain traditional arts, promotes originality, and brings authenticity to the fore.


Ensuring product longevity and durability is paramount for consumer satisfaction. Manufacturers must use high-quality materials and meticulous production methods to achieve this. These factors, along with proper maintenance, significantly extend a product’s lifespan, thereby offering customers real value for their money.


Promoting sustainable production processes is vital for the survival of our planet. It involves efficient use of resources, reduction of waste, and minimizing environmental impact. Implementation of green technologies and renewable energy sources are key to achieving such sustainable practices.



Personalizing Your Space with Featherston Numero


Achieving a cohesive home style is about creating harmony among elements. It involves balancing colours, textures, and furniture pieces in a way that integrates all rooms. To achieve it, one must focus on continuity, smoothly transitioning from one space to another.


Harnessing individual pieces can drastically enhance any living space, creating captivating focal points. By carefully selecting and positioning furniture or artwork, one can showcase personal style, draw attention, and dictate the room’s atmosphere. These masterfully placed focal points command attention and unify your space.


Transform your mundane space into a visually appealing sanctuary with various decorative items. Incorporate diverse elements like sleek furniture, artistic wall art, and vibrant cushions. Such enhancements will deliver a touch of elegance and style, making your space truly personal and inviting.


Featherston Numero furnishings offer sleek designs that blend seamlessly with various styles. They can enhance a minimalist setting with their clean lines, add sophistication to a modern space, or put a contemporary twist in a traditional room. Experiment with different combinations for a unique aesthetic.


Purchasing from Featherston Numero


The availability of online shopping options has revolutionized the way consumers purchase goods and services. It provides a wealth of choices, competitive prices, and the convenience of shopping anytime, anywhere, removing the limitations of physical store hours and location.


Our physical store locations are strategically situated in prime areas for easy accessibility. Each store boasts a modern, sleek design promoting a welcoming atmosphere. The spacious layout accommodates a wide array of products, neatly organized for a comfortable, effortless shopping experience.


We offer efficient delivery and installation services to all our customers. Our team ensures all items are delivered promptly and securely, followed by a professional installation service. Our experts install and set up your product while adhering to all safety standards.


A robust return policy is crucial for maintaining potent customer service. It instils buyer confidence, assuring customers they’ll be treated fairly if they’re unsatisfied with their purchase. Consequently, excellent customer service enhances customer loyalty and boosts a business’s reputation.